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Light the Night

iPhone, iPhone & iPad June 2012

You are Darryl the lightning bug. One cool evening you’re minding your own business just flying along and you get STRUCK BY LIGHTNING launching you to epic speeds!

You enter a super slow-mo world full of light-giving lumens and dandelion power-ups as well as dangerous flowers, bugs, and rocks. Collect some, avoid the other, and travel as far through your world as you can before running out of light!

Earn epic upgrades ranging from great new Darryl looks like Fire Bug, Ninja Bug, Formal Bug and Robo-Bug.

Earn enhancing upgrades like lumen attraction, extra light, longer boosts and much more!

Masterfully collect dandelion power-ups like Invincibility, Instant Recharge, Pulse Wave, Dande-Shield, and Super Boost!

Complete missions, gain ranks, upgrade Darryl, and reach new exciting scenes with visually stunning backdrops!

Think you’ve mastered it? Use Game Center to compare best distance and achievements with your friends!




And check out the Light the Night Official Soundtrack!


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